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September 22, 2010 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Elk hunt is a quick one for Bigelow's Danny Tilley
After days of careful preparation, Danny Tilley's elk hunt lasted 30 minutes.
Tilley, who lives at Bigelow in Perry County, was one of four hunters with bull elk permits for the September 2010 season, the 13th for Arkansas since hunting started in 1998.

Immediately tagging deer is a must for hunters
It is easy to remember the rule for putting a tag on a deer you kill. Do it immediately. Keep in mind the simple phrase, "Bag it, tag it."

Goose fingers on the table can tempt even the finicky
If you have Canada goose meat from the special early September hunt, and you're not familiar with goose cuisine, how can you cook it?
One easy method can be borrowed from duck cooks and can appeal to even the skeptics around the dinner table.

Two stimulus projects to improve Ozark NF waterways
A small north Arkansas lake will become seven times larger under a federal stimulus project. Brock Creek Lake is in the Ozark National Forest in the southwestern corner of Van Buren County.

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