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February 26, 2014 Arkansas Outdoors


AGFC begins potential land purchase process

LITTLE ROCK – During last week’s monthly meeting, Commissioners with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved the first step in the potential development of an education and recreation area near Jasper. Commissioners approved a budget increase of $10,000 for the real estate appraisal and other real estate costs involving the 42-acre site. 

New survey shows better morale for AGFC’s staff

 LITTLEROCK – Employee morale and confidence in the overall direction of the ArkansasGame and Fish Commission has improved considerably in the last 18 months,according to a recent survey by a Virginia-based company. 

How’syour habitat?

Why do we burn? Therole of prescribed fire in wildlife management

By Clint Johnson, AGFC Private Lands Biologist

Fire has been a dominant force in nature for eons, shaping plant and animal communities all over the world. In Arkansas, our native upland plantcommunities are adapted to periodic fire after centuries of fires caused bylightning strikes and Native Americans. Early explorers noted a very differentArkansas than we are familiar with, dominated by vast fire-dependent prairiesand open canopy forests, full of wildlife. 

Fresh line increases odds for bragging type catches

LITTLE ROCK – With spring fishing close at hand,Arkansas anglers can improve their chances at good catches rather simply – look at their line. 

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