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January 29, 2014 Arkansas Outdoors


Hunter’s awareness keeps CWD deerout of Arkansas

 LITTLE ROCK – An Arkansas huntertook careful aim and put his rifle shot into the buck deer where he wanted. Itwent down, and it was a good one – eight points and about 190 pounds bodyweight. 

White-nose syndrome confirmed inMarion County bats

 Arkansas becomes 23rd state toconfirm deadly disease in bats YELLVILLE– The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has confirmed the presence ofwhite-nose syndrome, a disease fatal to several bat species, in Arkansas. Thedisease was documented in two northern long-eared bats found at a cave on anatural area managed by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission in MarionCounty. White-nose syndrome is thought to be transmitted primarily from bat tobat or substrate to bat, but fungal spores may be inadvertently carried tocaves by humans on clothing, boots and equipment. The syndrome is not known topose a threat to humans, pets or livestock. 

NRCS accepting applications for WHIP

 LITTLE ROCK – Farmers and landownersin 29 counties have until Feb. 21 to submit applications to receive cost-shareassistance to implement conservation activities through the Wildlife HabitatIncentive Program for the 2014 program year. 

Waterfowlers have opportunities insnow goose ‘order’

 LITTLE ROCK – Conventional waterfowlhunting ended last week with the youth hunt this week signaling the end of theseason. After the youth hunt, it’s Snow Goose Conservation Order time. 

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