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September 8, 2010 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter


What’s the statewide seasonal deer limit? Five
A quick question to ask your deer hunting buddies: What is the statewide seasonal deer limit this year? Answer with one word.
You may get some hemming and hawing and other rhetoric, but the answer is five. Of that five, only two legal bucks may be taken during hunting season.

Winter drawdown set for Hamilton and Catherine
The annual drawdown of Lake Hamilton will be 3 feet this year. Lake Catherine will be lowered 5 feet. Both drawdowns will begin Saturday, Nov. 6, and be completed by Friday, Nov. 12.

Arkansas’s early teal season opens Sept. 11
It’s been a hot, dry summer, but this week’s rains are a welcome sight for Arkansas’s teal hunters. The special September teal season in Arkansas begins Sept. 11 and continues through Sept. 26.

New toll-free number is a must for deer hunters
Deer hunters will want to keep one number handy as they head into the woods this fall. It’s a number required for taking a buck or a doe.
The toll-free number is different from last year’s. The number is 866-305-0808. Call it from anywhere when you are ready to check your deer.

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