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Preparation to drain lake in Cave Springs begins Sept. 4

CAVE SPRINGS – Preparation for draining the lake at Cave Springs will begin Sept. 4. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission construction crews will begin the actual draining a few days thereafter.

While the lake is being drained, some rise in the water level downstream from Arkansas Highway 112 can be expected. The lake will be drained to facilitate the replacement of its inoperable water control structure. The lake will remain dry for about 15 months.

During that time, other activities such as lake restoration, bank stabilization, fish habitat improvement, placement of fishing piers, canoe-launching facilities and removal of dilapidated structures also will be performed.

The 31-acre site, which includes the six-acre lake and 24-acre urban forest, are owned by the Illinois River Watershed Partnership. This work is part of an overall cooperative effort between the IRWP and AGFC.

For more information, contact Dr. Delia Haak, IRWP Executive Director, 469-238-4671.