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Meeting set for Beaver Lake spotted bass regulation change

FAYETTEVILLE – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will hold an informational meeting regarding the proposed spotted bass regulation change on Beaver Lake. The meeting will be held on May 23 at 7 p.m. at the Ozark Electric Coop Building located at 3641 West Wedington in Fayetteville.

The proposed regulation calls for the elimination of the 12-inch minimum length limit on spotted bass in Beaver Lake. Spotted bass in the lake are showing slow growth rates as documented by age and growth studies. It takes Beaver Lake spotted bass 3.8 years to reach the 12-inch minimum length limit and over seven years to reach 15 inches.

The spotted bass population in Beaver Lake is dominated by smaller fish. Results from the last two years of electrofishing showed that more than 82 percent were below 12-inches. Discontinuing the length limit on spotted bass will promote more harvest of the species which will reduce competition for available forage and allow for increased growth rates of other black bass species.

For more information, contact Ron Moore at 877-631-6005.