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May 1, 2013 Weekly Fishing Report


Fishing Tip of the Week: When fishing for trout, line choice isextremely important. Jeff Smith of Leland Lures offers this advice:
Many anglersare hurting themselves when it comes to line choice. If you’re fishing acrankbait or fast-moving reaction bait, line isn’t as critical, but for baitand slow presentations like a Trout Magnet, I always use an 18-inch,2-pound-test, 100 percent fluorocarbon leader between the main line and mylure. Don’t be fooled by fluorocarbon lines, they’ve been given a coating tomake them cast better, and are much more visible to trout. I’ve had hundreds ofclients fish right next to each other with the same lure, rod and line, but theperson that adds that fluorocarbon leader always outfishes the other anglers. 

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