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April 3, 2013 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

AGFC crews rush to help stop flow of oil near Lake Conway
MAYFLOWER – If not for the quick work of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission staff, other state and local agencies, along with various hazardous material cleanup crews, the oil spill at Mayflower may have been much worse. Last week, a 20-inch pipeline carrying heavy Canadian crude oil burst spilling thousands of gallons of oil into a residential storm drain that leads to Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir.

Prize money increased to $60,000 for Hot Springs Fishing Challenge
HOT SPRINGS – Big Al the Second and his fishy fellows will lurk in Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine this summer as the Second Annual Hot Springs Fishing Challenge throws more money and more species into the net.

Bird feeders can promote avian diseases
LITTLE ROCK – A number of Arkansans, as well as birdwatchers in other states, are reporting sick birds, primarily pine siskins, at their bird feeders and in their yards. Unfortunately, the act of feeding birds puts songbirds in an artificially crowded feeding situation, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission warns. This dense flocking at feeders creates the perfect condition for birds to pass avian diseases to one another.

Comment period extended on proposed expansion of Upper Ouachita and Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuges
CROSSETT – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a draft Land Protection Plan and accompanying Environmental Assessment to link and expand two national wildlife refuges, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas and Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana on Feb. 22.
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