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November 21, 2012 Weekly Waterfowl Report

Early aerial waterfowl survey shows good mallard numbers

LITTLE ROCK -Mallards made up more than half of the total duck population estimate in thedays leading up to this past weekend’s duck season opener in The Natural State.Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologists counted more than 832,000 ducksduring the first periodic aerial waterfowl survey of the 2012-2013 season,including more than 442,000 mallards. The survey, one of four scheduled for thewaterfowl season, was conducted Nov. 12-15 on randomly selected east-westtransect lines over the state’s Delta region. Biologists noted that roughly 60percent of mallards were observed in rice fields, 10 percent in soybean fieldsand approximately 7 percent each in moist-soil management units andagricultural irrigation reservoirs.
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