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September 12, 2012 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Duck Duck Hunt event supports Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry
LITTLE ROCK – Looking for a good deal on some duck hunting waders? If you enjoy the outdoors, there’s a good deal for you – and at the same time you can do a good deal for Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

Preparation is the key to dining on good deer
LITTLE ROCK – In the coming several weeks, Arkansans will acquire tons – literally – of good meat for the table.

Farmers can help Arkansas shorebirds during their migration
LITTLE ROCK – Shorebird is a general term for a group of birds that includes plovers, snipe, sandpipers, the Red knot and several other species. They begin to make their annual trip through the Arkansas Delta around late July or early August with a migration peak in September.

Drawdown for Hot Springs lakes begins Nov. 3
HOT SPRINGS – The annual drawdown of Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine will begin Nov. 3. Lake Hamilton will be drawn down five feet. Lake Catherine will be drawn down three feet this year.
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