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Fish kill reported on Petit Jean River

HAVANA – A fish kill on the Petit Jean River near Blue Mountain Lake has been reported to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Approximately 3,000 fish have been found dead in the river located near the Logan-Yell county line in western Arkansas.

It appears that the combination of high water temperatures, numerous fish in the pool below the Blue Mountain Lake dam and low dissolved oxygen levels in the water contributed to the kill.

Biologists from the AGFC have been monitoring the species and fish size of the kill, according to AGFC District Fisheries Biologist Bob Limbird. “There was just a large number of fish in a small area. Just too much oxygen demand by too many fish combined with the hot water,” Limbird said.

The most numerous fish killed were gizzard shad, sunfish, freshwater drum and minnows. Crappie were the most numerous sportfish killed.