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July 21, 2010 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter


Illegal fishing structures removed from Lake Overcup
It’s amazing what types of fishing contraptions you’ll find in a lake. Earlier this month, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission cleaned-up Lake Overcup, located just north of I-40 near Morrilton.

Cache River and Bald Knob NWR modern gun quota deer hunt permits available Aug. 1
Beginning Aug. 1, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will begin accepting permit applications for quota deer hunts on two of is wildlife refuges. The quota hunts will be held on the Cache River and Bald Knob national wildlife refuges in eastern Arkansas.

Dog days of summer can be bream opportunities
Too hot to fish? They don’t bite during the dog days of summer?
No, these are excuses. Enjoyable fishing can take place even in these hot periods, according to anglers on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission staff. They suggest getting out on the water very early in the day, take plenty of water and perhaps go for bream, which are nearly everywhere in the state.

Flatheads: Big, good eating and challenging to anglers
Of the three species of catfish in Arkansas, the flathead may rank at the top, at least in fishermen’s interest.
Flatheads aren’t the most numerous. Channel catfish hold the lead there. Flatheads aren’t the largest since the blue catfish state record is considerably heavier than the flathead record.

Handy, easy-to-use shrimp are excellent for bream bait
If you are in a hurry to get in some bream fishing, you might swing by the local supermarket for bait.
Yes, you know the store doesn’t sell live red worms or crickets, but it does sell shrimp.

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