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Fish kill reported on Harris Brake Lake

HARRIS BRAKE – A fish kill on Harris Brake Lake in Perry County has been reported to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Approximately 150 white bass have been found dead in the lake.

A property owner on the 1,200-acre lake first reported about 10 fish floating near his dock on Tuesday afternoon. After biologists from the AGFC investigated the report, several more fish were found floating and along the shoreline throughout the lake. No other dead fish species were observed during that inspection.

The AGFC has collected several fish for tests. Test results may take up to 30 days to complete. All water quality parameters appear to be within the normal ranges for the lake. The only physical abnormalities found on the dying fish, was redness around the base of the fins and inflamed and eroded gills.

There is no concern with eating or handling any of the live fish in the lake.