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April 11, 2012 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Hitchcock announces retirement as AGFC director
LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Director Loren Hitchcock last week announced his retirement effective June 30. Hitchcock, who began his career with the AGFC in 1985, has served as director since January 2011. Before that, Hitchcock had served as the interim director.

Bream are plentiful and in many forms in Arkansas
LITTLE ROCK – The term “bream” is familiar to any Arkansan who has fished and also to others who have partaken of the small, tasty fish at the dinner table. But the term bream is a label, a catch-all word. There isn’t a fish living in Arkansas that carries the official name of bream. Still, the species covers several varieties that collectively comprise the largest number of gamefish in the state.

Young CP-31 and WRP hardwood stands now eligible for forest carbon income
LITTLE ROCK – The GreenTrees reforestation approach has generated 2 million tons of carbon credits under contract from over 40 landowners throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. GreenTrees is for landowners with land in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley who want to grow and own the most valuable and vibrant hardwood forest possible. It was the first to register reforestation carbon and command strong prices.

National Forest online map helps wildflower viewers
LITTLE ROCK – The U.S. Forest Service has released an updated online wildflower map with hundreds of locations on national forests for prime wildflower viewing, making it easier than ever to enjoy America’s great outdoors.
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