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January 4, 2012 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Little Rock nature center closes in on 250,000 visitors
LITTLE ROCK – In just over three years, the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center is approaching the quarter million visitor mark. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Little Rock nature center opened on Dec. 17, 2008. It was the fourth and final nature center made possible by the 1/8th-Cent Conservation Sales Tax.

Partners clean out timber-choked Palarm Creek
MAYFLOWER – Just when a multi-partnered Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir improvement campaign began rolling effectively, nature interfered. A devastating tornado last spring threw hundreds of large and small trees and an immense amount of brush into Palarm Creek between the Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir dam and the Arkansas River. The creek was blocked, its water flow choked.

Public input meetings scheduled across Arkansas
LITTLE ROCK – Public input is a crucial component of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s process for setting hunting and fishing regulations. The meetings are part of the AGFC’s annual hunting-regulations process, giving hunters the opportunity to make comments and proposals for the 2012-13 hunting seasons.

Feral hogs are destructive to Arkansas’s wildlife and habitat
 LITTLE ROCK – Every hunting season questions come forth like “Can I kill a feral hog in my zone”? Or, “What is the limit on feral hogs”? A quick answer to these and other hog questions is that feral hogs are not game animals and are not regulated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
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