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November 9, 2011 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Hunters Feeding Hungry puts deer meat to good use
LITTLE ROCK – Do you have more deer on hand than you can handle?

Deer, bear, turkey and elk hunters must be at least 6 years old
LITTLE ROCK – There is now an age limit for big game hunting in Arkansas.

Deer carcass dumping puts blight on a great sport
LITTLE ROCK – Who is the ugliest, most despicable deer hunter in Arkansas?

Venison meatloaf is a special occasion feature
LITTLE ROCK – For a company-coming dinner entrée that will bring comments of delight, here is a suggestion from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission: Venison-pork meatloaf.

Don’t forget to carry your license while hunting
LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas big-game hunters are required to have their actual license with record of game in their possession before hunting. Big game includes deer, bear, turkey, elk and alligator.

Quick calls, details needed to catch wildlife violators
LITTLE ROCK - It happens every fall - and at other times of the year, also. Someone sees a blatant violation of game laws and wonders where the wildlife officers are.
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