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October 19, 2011 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Triple Trophy Award available to deer hunters
LITTLE ROCK – A reward, in addition to personal satisfaction, awaits hunters who qualify for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Triple Trophy Award.

Deer hunter’s mantra: Bag it, tag it, haul it, call it
LITTLE ROCK – Something to remember for this deer hunting season: Bag it. Tag it. Haul it. Call it.

Browning takes bronze in Pan-Am trapshooting
GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Kayle Browning of Wooster (Faulkner County) finished third and won a bronze medal Tuesday in the Pan-Am Games trapshooting competition at Guadalajara, Mexico.

Hunting accessories need to include ’the book’
LITTLE ROCK – When you are getting ready for a hunt, a small but important item in your gear should be the 2011-12 Arkansas Hunting Guidebook from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Estimating a deer’s weight in the field
LITTLE ROCK – What does a deer weigh? Most hunters will overestimate when they guess.

’Record book’ means B&C or P&Y for Arkansas deer
LITTLE ROCK – If it is a nice buck that a hunter takes, someone usually comments that "it might make the record book."
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