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September 28, 2011 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Conservative turkey season again proposed by AGFC
PINE BLUFF – Biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission last week proposed continuing the conservative turkey season structure, which has been in place since 2007. If approved at the October meeting, the season would be 18 days for most of the state with an additional two-day youth hunt.

Confiscated equipment on sale at Mayflower
MAYFLOWER – Hunting equipment confiscated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is now on sale by sealed bid at the agency’s enforcement training center in Mayflower. Only licensed firearms dealers will be allowed to view and bid on the equipment.

Public meetings address changes in NE Arkansas WMAs
LITTLE ROCK – Recently, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission attended three meetings to discuss the upcoming waterfowl season, seasonal flooding on northeast Arkansas wildlife management areas and recent changes in the habitat manipulation.

Camden dentist leads off elk hunt with bow success
SNOWBALL – Strategy including intense preparation and teamwork was used by Allyn Ladd for elk hunting success in the opening hours of the 2011 Arkansas season on Monday.

Banding program eliminates paper certificates
LITTLE ROCK - Hunters lucky enough to shoot a banded duck or goose this season will have to print their own certificates of appreciation.
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