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September 8, 2011 Weekly Fishing Report


Fishing Highlight of the Week: As the water cools, white bass, small stripers and hybrids will sometimes congregate in the same schools to feed. It’s important to recognize the differences between the three types of fish, as some lakes and rivers have special size regulations and limits for one of the three. Here are some pointers to differentiate between the species:

  • White bass have a single rough tooth patch on the back of their tongue and a rounded body with faint stripes (only one stripe may extend all the way to the tail).
  • Stripers have two distinct tooth patches on their tongue, slender bodies and several distinct stripes that extend to the tail.
  • Hybrids have distinct stripes that are usually broken and extend to the tail, have two tooth patches on their tongue and rounded bodies.

For illustrations of the three species, turn to Page 39 of the 2011 Annual Fishing Guidebook.

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