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May 18, 2011 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter


Crooked Creek’s fishing responding to renovation work
YELLVILLE – Crooked Creek is back.

The fishing on one of north Arkansas’s most heralded streams is on the upswing although not yet to the glory status of a few decades ago. Extensive renovation of the habitat in the Kelley’s Slab area is nearly completion, and more smiles are beginning to appear on anglers going after smallmouth bass and the other Crooked Creek denizens.

Unattended baby wild animals may not be abandoned
LITTLE ROCK – With flooding prevalent in many areas of Arkansas, the problems of people finding baby wildlife may increase sharply.

Serious anglers don’t hesitate to stir up the fish
LITTLE ROCK – Fishing veterans can relate some unusual strategies. Crashing into brushy areas is one.

More than 109,900 pounds of fish stocked in April
LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Game and Fish Commission crews stocked more than 181,100 fish in Arkansas lakes and rivers during April, according to Mark Oliver, chief of the Fisheries Division. The total stocking of fish weighed more than 109,900 pounds.

Bountiful bream are found in four main species in Arkansas
LITTLE ROCK – The bass, the trout, the crappie and even the catfish get the headlines, but bream are the most numerous of fish caught and taken home for eating by Arkansas anglers.

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