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January 19, 2011 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

16 cadets begin wildlife officer training
Sixteen cadets have begun more than 700 hours of intensive training to become wildlife officers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Corps of Engineers removes tires from DeGray Lake
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District is taking advantage of low water levels to remove tires from DeGray Lake. Tire removal began the first week of December and will last through Friday. Park rangers and volunteers have collected about 1,280 tires.

Walking will pay benefits next deer season
Did you struggle on deer hunts this season? Did the walk in the field, the trek to your deer stand leave you short of breath? Were you tired before the hunt began?
You were among many Arkansas deer hunters who went into their game somewhat limited from a physical standpoint.

Want to improve deer chances? Get out the .22 rifle
Did you miss a shot at a deer in this last deer season? If so, you have plenty of company with other Arkansas hunters.
Chances are you have given thought to some shooting practice, and this is logical. Accuracy with a rifle comes through practice.

AGFC, Forest Service monitoring caves for deadly bat disease
Natural resource managers have begun winter monitoring of Arkansas caves to determine if a deadly fungus is present in some Arkansas bat populations. White-nose syndrome, a disease fatal to bats, has killed more than one million bats in the last four years. It has not yet been found in Arkansas. 
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