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December 15, 2010 Weekly Waterfowl Report

Hunting opportunities remain limited across Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK –  Dry conditions persist on many of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s wildlife management areas, and hunting opportunities remain limited across much of the state.

But AGFC waterfowl program coordinator Luke Naylor said hunters willing to put in extra time scouting may be surprised at hunting opportunities on public land.

"Conditions are much different from what we experienced last year," Naylor said, "but there are still some opportunities out there if you’re willing to go the extra mile. Just because an area isn’t fully flooded doesn’t mean there aren’t ducks tucked away in isolated pockets of water.

"You may have to work a little harder to find them, but hunters who are willing to put in the time may find some hidden gems and good hunting."

While dry conditions have been the rule this duck season, artificially flooded areas and areas with permanent water have produced good hunting for some waterfowlers. Because of dry conditions, the key to success has been access to water. With cold weather across much of the eastern U.S., habitat conditions to the north of Arkansas have forced many ducks to move into the state in recent weeks. AGFC observers have been flying aerial waterfowl surveys this week, and preliminary estimates of waterfowl abundance should be available in next week’s waterfowl report.

To assist waterfowl hunters with the latest information, he AGFC provides links to sources on waterfowl location and abundance in Arkansas and other states. The links are available at

This waterfowl report provides capsule information from agency staff in all corners of Arkansas and is updated each Wednesday throughout waterfowl season. To receive the report each week on your computer, send an e-mail to and type "Waterfowl Report" in the subject line.
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