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December 21, 2016 Weekly Fishing Report

Christmas trees can boost fishing success
Christmas trees don't have to be left on the street or tossed in the trash after the holiday season. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission recommends instead that you consider donating them as fish habitat. The AGFC has drop-off locations across the state to let your old Christmas tree have a second life as underwater cover.

Jason Olive, AGFC assistant chief of fisheries, says the small spaces and dense cover offered by fresh Christmas trees make excellent nursery habitat for small fish.

“In ponds where we’ve sunk Christmas trees, we’ve seen increased growth in smaller fish,” Olive said. “Young bass, crappie and bream and baitfish all benefit from the cover, and larger gamefish will be attracted to the smaller fish.”

Anglers are welcome to remove trees from drop-off locations to create their own fish attractors. Olive suggests using parachute cord and cinder blocks to weigh down the trees.

“Sink groups of Christmas trees together,” Olive said. “Within two to three years, you won’t have much left except the trunks, but when we drained Lower White Oak Lake in Ouachita County recently, we saw several nice piles of Christmas tree trunks that were still good fish habitat after 12 years of being in the water.”

Trees should be cleaned of all ornaments, lights and tinsel before they are dropped off. Artificial Christmas trees should not be used as fish habitat, either.

A list of drop-off locations is available at
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