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November 17, 2010 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Tough start to this year's waterfowl season in Arkansas
In stark contrast to last year at this time, conditions are extremely dry statewide as the opening day of duck season approaches. Arkansas's waterfowl season opens Saturday.

'Record book' means B&C or P&Y for Arkansas deer
If it is a nice buck that a hunter takes, someone will usually comment that "it might make the record book."
There are two record books - Boone and Crockett for gun hunting and Pope and Young for archery hunting. "State record" for whitetail deer means listings in these two books.

Hunters, stay 150 yards away from a house
There is an invisible but legal and required no-hunting safety zone around every occupied house in Arkansas. It's for anyone other than the occupants and their families.

More than 148,400 pounds of fish stocked in October
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission crews stocked more than 1.6 million fish in Arkansas lakes and rivers during October, according to Mark Oliver, chief of fisheries. The total stocking of fish weighed more than 148,400 pounds.

Deer, duck recipes produce tasty fare
With deer season in full swing and duck season set to open Saturday, it's time to start thinking about how to prepare fresh game meat for the table.
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