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November 10, 2010 Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

Another good year for deer hunting in Arkansas
Since all hunters are using the telephone or internet to check their deer this year, the AGFC is able to rapidly evaluate this year's harvest numbers. And so far, it looks like another good year statewide.

Deer hunting tip: Look for the white oak acorns
Modern gun deer season opens this weekend so find a spot with lots of acorns. Experienced deer hunters have learned that when acorns are plentiful, deer likely will be in woods feeding on acorns and not out in the open in soybean fields or hanging around corn feeders.

Estimating a deer's weight in the field
What does a deer weigh? Most hunters will overestimate on their guesses.

Toll-free number is vital for deer, turkey hunters
A new number is impacting the lives of Arkansas deer and turkey hunters. They will get to know it - at least the ones who are successful in taking a buck or a doe.

Nature center in Pine Bluff to close temporarily
The Gov. Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pine Bluff opened in 2001. It was the first of four Arkansas Game and Fish Commission nature centers; others were built in Jonesboro, Fort Smith and Little Rock.
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