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TitleLil' Wild Ones: Nature Stories and Activities (Little Rock)
Time2-3 p.m.
Event TypeMonthly Event
Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center
602 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201
Location LinkWSJCANC

The Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center in Little Rock invites you to bring the little ones to the program series Lil' Wild Ones on the second Saturday at 2 p.m. every month for hands-on, nature-related activities for kids 4-8 years old. Registration is not required. 

June 11, 2016 | First Impressions: Amazing Armadillos
Armadillos may look funny, move oh-so-slowly, and smell a little stinky but mostly they are extraordinary! Learn where the nine-banded armadillo lives, how she protects herself, and what and how she eats. Then craft your own armadillo ball!

July 9 | Firefly Fireworks!
During warm summer nights, nature provides us with one of the most spectacular fireworks displays, the tiny firefly! Learn about fireflies and their habitat through story and craft. We’ll also try to “talk” like a firefly.

August 13 | A chorus of frogs
Frogs and toads make all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds, often loudly! Come sing along with the frog chorus and then make a toad-abode for your back yard.

September 10 | On the Monarch butterfly trail
Take an imaginary journey with the Monarch butterfly as you participate in a life-cycle story about the Monarch’s travels from Arkansas to Mexico.

October 8 | First Impressions: Welcome to the night
Take a peek into the forest at nighttime and discover which animals are wide awake! Through sound and story we’ll learn that evening time can be a great time to listen and watch for wildlife.

November 12 | What’s Wild?
Some animals are wild and some animals are pets. Children will gain a respect for wildlife through a fun story called, “The Tale of Two Beasts” by Fiona Robertson. Then join in on a nature walk to watch for wildlife and signs of wildlife.

December 10 | Over and Under the Snow
The weather gets colder and the leaves fall off the trees. Then comes winter. Learn about the many ways that animals adapt to the winter cold then make a winter treat for wildlife.

January 14, 2017 | My, what large antlers you have!
Antlers are among the fastest growing body parts in the animal kingdom and male deer and elk grow a new pair of antlers every year! Get a hands-on look at real antler sheds and then create your own pair of antlers to wear.

February 11 | Rabbit Tales
Hop on over and learn about the cottontail rabbit as you help a rabbit family explore their habitat through the book, Rabbits and Raindrops, by Jim Arnosky. Then craft a rabbit inspired card to give to a friend!

March 11 | First Impressions: What’s the Buzz?
As the weather warms the outdoors become a bit buggy and noisy! Learn more about grasshoppers, crickets, cicadas, katydids and more! Discover the sounds they make and then participate in an insect orchestra!

April 8 | Plants for wildlife
Go on a color walk through the native plant garden and discover the many ways that plants help wildlife. Then make a mud bomb filled with native wildlife seeds. Take it home and toss it out wherever you want your garden to grow.

May 13, 2017 | Birds of a feather
Birds and feathers go together, but not all feathers are the same. That’s because feathers have so many different jobs to do! Learn how birds use their feathers through the story, “Feathers are not just for flying” by Melissa Stewart and then have some high flying fun with a few bird activities.

ContactFor more information about this event, please contact Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center at 501-907-0636.
Additional InformationRegistration is not required.
FeeConservation Sales Tax There is no fee for this program thanks to your support of the 1/8 Cent Conservation Sales Tax.